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The quest for magic and wonder in everyday life can be a struggle. The world is challenging and scary, which makes the search for wonderful moments and love for your life even more important.

Read stories about this quest, and start your own.

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When two fairies ask for help escaping their master, Prince Alexander, who has come to court her, Princess Lily is forced to rescue herself along with them. Fleeing to Queen Persephone’s halfway castle for Lost Girls, Lily follows the cryptic advice of a magical Book, befriends a dragon with a knight bodyguard, and hides from the bounty-hunting gang of princes chasing her hand in marriage.

As The Knightly Times’ coverage of her flight gets more and more sensational, Lily starts to doubt her choices. How can she sort out her own opinion from the tabloids, gossip, and fairy tales?

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Ella’s photography seeks out the quiet places of the world, or anything that might spark a story idea. Fog drifting across bridges. Dreamy shores and sculpted stones. The gleam of frost on apples or dew on spider webs. Visit the Photography pages and ellaarrow.threadless.com for art prints.

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