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Ella Arrow writes books about magic and fairies, among other strange things, and is trying to live an authentic life filled with joy. Many of us struggle to find beauty, peace, and connection in a world so flooded with bad news, grim outlooks, and things that divide us. So ella-arrow.com is a place to land when you want to read something inspiring, experience some beauty, and rediscover ways to be mindful of the wonder already present in everyday life. Connect with others on the quest. Find artists, actions, and websites to explore. Develop an appreciation for those moments of awe and wonder everyone has now and then, and learn to grow moments into a magical habit.

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Who is Ella Arrow?

Ella Arrow believes in magic, especially the kind we make for ourselves. Alter ego of Elizabeth Aronoff, she writes fairy tales, urban fantasy, steampunk, horror, and many short stories based on weird ideas that blindside her in elevators and long walks through creepy woods. She also takes photos, tweaks the images, and creates tiny stories from them. You can find her at www.society6.com/ellaarrow; @EllaArrowWonders on Facebook; @EllaArrow on Twitter; or in a Victorian house in a small town outside Madison, Wisconsin, chasing her kids and her next novel idea.

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